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Timberline Outfitters is one of Nevada's premium trophy outfitters outfitting hunts for most all big game species including: Elk, Deer, Pronghorn, and Desert Bighorn. The trophy quality their clients take home is difficult to beat anywhere. With bull elk scoring in excess of 400" and mule deer bucks over that magical 200" mark, it is not difficult to see why their services are in high demand. They can produce this type of success because they do not pack to many hunters into camp at the same time. They work hard to produce the very best trophy they possibly can for each and every client.

Timberline Outfitters operates in several of the top producing hunting units in Nevada. These areas have a history of trophy quality deer and elk and Timberline has been an instrumental part of building that reputation. They live close to each of the units they guide and spend countless hours scouting prior to the season beginning. And after the hunting seasons are over, they are still out there determining what the potential is for next year.

Timberline does a lot of work for their clients in the Non-Resident Outfitter deer drawing. If you are looking for a mule deer outfitter, contact them and they can help you through the application process. The probability of drawing an outfitter sponsored permit is usually much higher than drawing a permit through the regular drawing.

Species and areas hunted

Elk Units 104, 108, 111-115, 121, 131-132, 221-222, 231, & 241-242
Deer Units 111-115, 121, 131-134, 221-223, & 231
Pronghorn Units 78, 105-107, 111-115, 121, 131-134, 145, 163-164, 221-223, 231, 241-242, & 245
Desert Bighorn Units 131-134, 164, 221, 223, 241, & 245
Rocky Bighorn Units 114 & 115

Check out their website at Timberline Outfitters or contact Hunters Trailhead for more details.

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