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Hale Outfiters is a premier Wyoming Outfitter that has been hunting the Region G and Region H areas of Wyoming for near 50 years. To say that they know these areas is an understatement! Beginning in the spring, as soon as the snow melts back, they are on their horses and up the mountain. This is a hunting family that is very passionate about providing a quality experience to their clients. They specialize in trophy mule deer, elk, pronghorn, moose and mountain goat. Several of their camps are set in pristine wilderness environments away from roads and other hunters. These camps offer exceptional trophy potential for all these species. They also offer deer, elk, pronghorn, and moose hunts closer to town for those wishing a more "comfortable" hunting experience. These town hunts are great once the snow flies and access to the high country is limited.

Elk hunts with Hale Outfitters are conducted in areas available to those that have drawn a general season license. Even though these are general season area's, the trophy quality is very high as the elk being hunted are not easily accessable allowing them to grow old. All of their deer hunts are in Region G and Region H. Both of these regions are well known for producing trophy quality mule deer and a buck scoring over 190" is a possibility. Their Moose areas also offer some true trophy potential. Some of their hunting is done in unit 26 which offers more permits than any other area of the state.

Species and areas hunted

Elk General license areas (Units 84 and 85)
Deer Region G & Region H
Pronghorn Units 89, 90, 93, 94, 98, 100
Moose Units 20, 26, 36 and 40
Mountain Goat Unit 2

Check out their website at Hale Outfitting or contact Hunters Trailhead for more details.

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