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Hunters Trailhead

HuntersTrailhead Hunt Application Service


"You will never draw the tag you don't apply for"

Here at HuntersTrailhead, we understand how complicated and intimidating applying in the Western States can be. Each state has different requirements and application procedures. Some require all fees to be paid up front while others only require an application fee. Still others require a hunting license to be eligible to apply. However, don't be intimidated and let these issues prevent you from applying and certainly don't fall further behind in those states that offer a bonus or preference point system. HuntersTrailhead Hunt and License Application Service knows the various state systems and requirements. We will consult with you about your hunt objectives and help you to develop a hunt portfolio that will help you meet those objectives. Contact us and lets get you into the game.

Download and print each of the following forms, and then contact us to get your hunter profile established.

Phone: 801-979-8843
e-mail: trailboss@HuntersTrailhead.com

States We Service and Application Deadlines