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For those hunters lucky enough to have drawn a coveted Arizona elk permit, Chappell Guide Service has to be a consideration when selecting a guide for their hunt. Few Arizona elk guides have established a track record of success like what Steve Chappell and his team of elk guides have. Chappell Guide Service is a relatively small Arizona Outfitter and Guide Service that focuses 100% of their effort into finding only the biggest and best bull elk Arizona has to offer each year. No time is spent scouting other species. Trophy elk hunts are what they offer and trophy elk is what they produce.

Although they can guide a hunter on most any unit of the state, since the objective is to find the best bulls possible, they like to focus their efforts on the trophy producing units. The eastern elk units of 1, 3A & 3C, 23 and 27 have been a few of their playgrounds and have produced some enormous bulls for their clients. The north central elk units of 7W, 9, and 10 are also well known for their quality and a significant amount of time and effort is spent on these elk areas each year. Steve has selected his guides carefully and most of them have been with him for many years. Several of these elk guides live in or very near the units they guide which gives them the extraordinary opportunity to scout the unit at any time. Between the innumerable days spent scouting and countless hours spent shooting footage for their next "Extreme Bulls" video; these guys know what caliber of bulls roam the forests and mountains long before the hunting seasons start. So if you have that long awaited Arizona elk permit in your pocket and want to maximize the possibility of taking a trophy bull, don?t hesitate to contact Chappell Guide Service. They are one of the best!!

Species and areas hunted

Elk 1, 3C, 7W, 8, 9, 10, 23 & 27

Check out their website at Chappell Guide Service or contact HuntersTrailhead for more details.

Monster Arizona Elk with some added character!!! Its tough to beat bulls of this caliber. Chappell Guide Service gets it done even for their archery hunters!!! Monster Unit 9 Arizona bull. This elk has it all!!!
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