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Pathfinder Outfitters, Inc. is a premier Wyoming Outfitter and Guide offering a full range of guided hunting trips. Keith and his family run a working cattle ranch within Wyoming and offer an incredible opportunity to harvest some incredible sized antelope within unit 63. Due to the fact that Keith lives within the unit itself he is able to watch the herds on a daily basis and see what their habits are. He has consistently enjoyed a 100% success as an Antelope Guide. If you?re looking for an Antelope Guide that can produce a trophy antelope for you, Keith and his guides can help you find the antelope that will make your friends and family envious of you. On average his antelope have scored in the 70s and have even reached into the upper 80s.

Due to the fact that Elk units 16, 22 and 111 are very difficult to draw his Elk hunts are usually booked up a year or so in advance. Their success speaks for itself as you browse through their photo galleries within their website viewing the trophy quality elk that are taken year after year. If you?re wanting to hunt with an Elk Guide that is able to produce some trophy quality elk, you?ll have to schedule with him in advance but it will be well worth the wait.

Keith and his guides have also had great success in harvesting some incredible Deer in Region D within units 70 and 87. Don?t be surprised to see multiple bucks that Keith and his guides will have you pass up knowing that there is a bigger one out there that has your name on it. On average the deer that they have been able to harvest score in the mid 140s to the low 150s with the opportunity to see the bigger trophies that are out there. Over the past couple of years Region D has been under subscribed so you should have no problem drawing a tag for that region.

Species and areas hunted

Antelope Unit 63

Check out their website at Pathfinder Outfitters or contact Hunters Trailhead for more details.

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