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Western Wildlife Adventures has been one of the most productive outfitters in Nevada for the past 21 years. Their primary species are first and foremost Mule Deer. They have been one of the most successful outfitters in the "Nevada Non-Resident Guides Draw" during that period. For those of you who do not know about this special draw, it takes place a few months before the "General Draw" and gives the Mule Deer enthusiast roughly a 10X greater chance of drawing the coveted Mule Deer Tag. Their hunts give the client a good chance of harvesting a buck in the 155-180 B&C class with some bucks taken in the 180-195" class. Our harvested bucks generally range from 24"-27" with many over the years eclipsing the magical 30" mark!

Western Wildlife Adventures also guides for Antelope and Elk in Nevada. Their Elk hunters enjoy fantastic success with bulls generally ranging from 340-380 B&C with some bulls reaching the magical 380-400 B&C mark. Their Antelope hunts are super fun with a chance to look at many bucks. The Antelope scores range from 70-80 B&C points with bucks up to 16"+.

There is no special guided draw for the antelope and elk, but they will do the application paperwork for you at no charge. They also offer the opportunity to purchase "Landowner Tags" for all of the species mentioned in case you are unsuccessful in the various draws.

So instead of driving through Nevada, give Ron a call and come and see what the Sage, Aspen and Rim Rocks of Nevada have in store for you!

Species and areas hunted

Elk Units Units 062-068, 076-081,111-115, 221-222, 121, 231-242
Deer Units 061-068, 081, 111-113, 114-115, 121, 131-134, 221-223, 231, 241-245
Pronghorn Units 031, 061-064,071,073

Check out their website at Western Wildlife Adventures or contact Hunters Trailhead for more details.

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