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Rugged Cross Outfitters is one of New Mexico?s finest Outfitters and guide services offering trophy Elk hunts within Elk units 13, 15, 16E, 17 and 21B. David and his guides offer some of the most exciting hunts that can be had within the units they hunt. Since a young age David has hunted and guided side by side with his father and has come to know the habits of the elk that populate the area. He has built his reputation with honesty and integrity and is second to none in his drive to give you the time of your life in some of the most beautiful country around. They offer the coveted Private Ranch Hunts or Guaranteed Tags on Elk units that have produced some of the biggest trophy elk within the state of New Mexico. If you have been dreaming of an elk hunt of a life time, dream no more and make it a reality with Rugged Cross Outfitters.

When you think of Guaranteed Tags, most people think of Elk tags. But Rugged Cross Outfitters are offering limited numbers of Guaranteed Tags for Boone and Crockett class Antelope. These are Private Ranch Hunts within unit 13 and David is proud to say that he has had a 100% success rate on these hunts with the bucks scoring between 80?-90? B&C! If you have never experienced a first rate Antelope hunt you owe it to yourself to give David a call and book a hunt that you will never forget.

If you've been looking for a first rate Mule Deer guide, look no further. Most of these hunts are on over 150,000 acres of private land. With Rugged Cross Outfitters' help over the past several years to manage the deer herds on these private lands, as well as helping to control the Mountain Lion population, they have been able to help increase the quality and quantity of the herd. Trophy bucks taken are scoring in the 160?-180? B&C.

David with Rugged Cross Outfitters has an obsession with hunting what is called ?The Ghost of the Rockies?, also known as the elusive Mountain Lion. David runs some of the best lion dogs that can be had due to the fact that they have worked hard to keep the blood lines from the famous and successful Lee Brothers dogs within his hounds for over 40 years . If you have never had the thrill of going on a lion hunt on horseback, now is your chance. These hunts run from the beginning of December through the end of March, and tags can be purchased over the counter. All of these hunts are 6 days, full of some of the most beautiful country that the Desert Rocky Mountains have to offer. You will be able to see expansive amounts of country due to the fact that you will be spending the entire hunt on horseback with the dogs trailing over dry ground. Over the past 10 years they have had a 90% success rate on harvesting these amazing cats. So don?t forget to bring your camera to capture all the incredible views of the Desert Rockies, but most of all, to record your encounter with the ?Ghost of the Rockies?.

Species and areas hunted

Elk Units 13, 15, 16E, 17, and 21B
Antelope Unit 13
Deer Units 17 and 21
Mountain Lion Multiple Units

Check out their website at Rugged Cross Outfitters or contact HuntersTrailhead for more details.

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