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Drawing a permit in one of Nevada?s trophy areas can take many years to accomplish. And even after a tag is successfully drawn, a trophy quality animal is far from a guarantee. Triple H Hunting, has guided many a hunter to their Nevada dream buck, bull or ram. Licensed to guide the entire state, Triple H Hunting specializes in the units along the eastern border near Utah and Arizona lines. These units, 114, 231, and 241 (and other associated units), are well known for producing some of the largest mule deer and bull elk taken in Nevada each year. Triple H Hunting has even leased some very large parcels of private land which does provide a number of guaranteed landowner tags for their hunters. Check out their Utah options at this link: Triple H Hunting - Utah

Their hunting options have something for everyone. Depending on the area hunted and the desires of the hunter, camp may consist of tents, 5th wheel trailers or even a motel. For those hunting on their private leases, cabins are available.

Due mostly to the availability of permits, Triple H Hunting focuses on hunting the trophy mule deer and bull elk. However, when a client has been lucky enough to draw a sheep or pronghorn tag, they are prepared and ready to go. They are licensed to guide for all 3 sheep sub-species (Rocky Mountain Bighorn, Desert Bighorn and California Bighorn) available in Nevada and have taken some true trophy quality rams over the years.

They also spend the cold snowy months of the year chasing mountain lions throughout the Nevada Mountains and deserts. Hunting behind their pack of expertly trained hounds can be exhilarating and exhausting. To experience this type of hunt in Nevada does not currently require that a permit be drawn. Permits can be purchased on line or over the counter prior to going afield.

Check out their website at Triple H Hunting or contact Hunters Trailhead for more details.

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