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Alaska Trophy Mountain Goat Hunt

HuntersTrailhead Featured Mountain Goat Hunt


* This goat hunt is in a remote part of the Kenai Peninsula. Hunters are flown to a small lake above the alders where the goats are frequently within 1,000 yards of camp. The chartered flight also makes for a more comfortable tent camp and better menu than a back pack camp can provide.

* Hunting mountain goat can be one of the most physically demanding hunting adventures one will attempt. Once in camp, this hunt is far less demanding than most any other mountain goat hunt. The chartered flight puts the hunter near "goat level" so the required hiking is far less demanding.

* Permits to hunt this area are by drawing only. The odds of drawing this permit typically run in the 35-40% range. Applications are due in December of the previous year. HuntersTrailhead will assist in submitting this application.

* Out of this camp, hunters with this outfitter have enjoyed a 100% success rate on goats in the 9-10" range. You can choose to hunt the early season in August when the weather is typically much better - though the hair will be shorter. You could also choose to hunt the later season in late September or early October where the hair will be much longer.

* No deposit is required until the tag is drawn. Apply for the tag in December and if unsuccessful in drawing a tag, nothing is lost. Upon drawing the tag, a 50% deposit is required to lock your hunt dates. Final payment will be due 30 days prior to the beginning of your hunt.

Fall Hunts

Hunt ratio 1x1
Duration 7-days
Rates: $9,000 - $11,000
(Depending on location and unit)
Quality 9-10"
Dates August 20 - October 15

Contact HuntersTrailhead at 801-979-8843 for help in booking this hunt and for acquiring the appropriate licenses and tags.