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Hunters Trailhead

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* Elk
* Pronghorn

Wyoming Region J Trophy Deer Hunts

HuntersTrailhead Featured Deer Hunt


* This is a private ranch hunt occurring on over 17,000 acres of deeded land. Hunters are limited each week to provide a quality uncrowded experience. Access to the deer habitat throughout the ranch is via ATV or 4x4. Rugged mountains and valleys provide premium habitat for mule deer and lush river bottoms and agricultural areas provide great habitat for both whitetail and mule deer. A mule deer or whitetail can be taken on the same permit in this area

* Lodging, meals, transportation in the field and game care are all included with this hunt rate. Lodging will be in a comfortable modern lodge located right on the ranch within minutes of the hunting areas.

* The ranch is located on deer region J. The required permits to hunt this area have been guaranteed for many years. Though a drawing is required, there has always been permits left over after the drawing has concluded.

* Mule deer in excess in the 170 class are common with a number of 180+ taken each year. There have been 200 inch bucks taken from the ranch in the past. Whitetail in excess of 140 are reasonable.

Archery and Rifle Hunts

Hunt ratio 1x1
Duration 5 days
Rates: Trophy Mule Deer - $4,500
Trophy Whitetail - $4,000
Management Mule Deer - $3,500
Management Whitetail - $3,000
Mule Deer/Pronghorn Combo - $6,500
Whitetail/Pronghorn Combo - $5,000
Quality Mule deer - 170+
Whitetail 140+
Dates Mid to late October
Notes: Combo hunts can be arranged.
Contact HuntersTrailhead at 801-979-8843.