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New Mexico Trophy Ibex Hunts

HuntersTrailhead Featured Ibex Hunt


* The natural habitat of the Persian Ibex is Iran, Afganistan, Iraq, etc. The New Mexico Game and Fish transplanted a small number to the Florida Mountains back in the 70's. That small number has grown into a viable population with hundreds of individual animals.

* As can be expected, drawing a tag for this species can be very difficult. The rifle and muzzleloader permits are typically the most difficult to draw. However, if you are an archer, these tags are much easier to obtain. In the guided pool of tags, the October archery hunt has had drawing odds as high as 50% and the January hunt has gone as high as 40%.

* The rifle and muzzleloader hunts are very high success running 90% or higher. The archery hunts are not a hunt for just anyone. These are extremely physically demanding in very steep and rough country. This outfitter and his guides go up the mountain with repelling gear in their packs. This gear is intended for animal recovery but they have used it to rescue other hunters that had gotten themselves into a serious situation.

* This is a high adventure hunt requiring determination, stamina and patience. Shots with a rifle or muzzleloader can easily top 300 yards. Archers need to come prepared for shots up to 100 yards (though not always required). Spot and stalk or an ambush are the typical hunting methods used.

* Hunters can choose between a fully guided and outfitted hunt that includes all meals and lodging or a guide only option where you will be responsible for your own lodging and meals.

Fall Hunts

Hunt ratio 1x1
Duration 7-days
Rates: 1x1 fully outfitted - $5,500
1x1 guide only - $4,000
Dates Rifle - late Nov
Muzzleloader - mid December
Archery - early October or late January

Contact HuntersTrailhead at 801-979-8843 for help in booking this hunt and for acquiring the appropriate licenses and tags.