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Idaho Trophy Elk Hunt - Unit 11

HuntersTrailhead Featured Elk Hunt


* Due to the trophy potential, unit 11 is one of the most sought after elk tags in Idaho. This outfitter has guaranteed elk tags allowing you to skip over the draw and take a tag right now! These hunts occur in the Salmon and Snake River breaks overlooking the famed Hells Canyon.

* For near 40 years, this outfitter has been able to maintain a 98% success rate. That is actual success - not opportunity. The bulls taken typically score in the 280 to 340 with some exceeding the 340 mark. It is not uncommon to see multiple bulls each day with large herds being real possibility.

* Wolves have had a huge impact on some elk herds throughout the state of Idaho. However, due to its location on the extreme western border of Idaho, the wolves have had absolutely no impact in the unit.

* Hunts include the elk tag and at least 10-days of pre-season scouting. Hunts are also guided at a 1x1 ratio. Pack horses will be available for the heavy lifting. Hunters simply need to bring their own personal gear and equipment.

Outfitter Allocation Tag Hunts

Rifle Hunts

Hunt ratio 1x1
Duration 6-days
Rates: $8,400
Quality 280 to 340. Some exceed 340.
Dates October and November.
Notes: Contact HuntersTrailhead at 801-979-8843