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Nestled in the north central part of Colorado, Ivory and Antler Outfitters is perfectly situated to benefit from one of the largest elk herd migrations in the country. When the aspens begin to take on their fall colors and the morning air has that early fall edge, hunters with Ivory and Antler outfitters are in the field taking advantage of every opportunity to take that long dreamed of bull or buck. Access to the four private ranches totaling over 35,000 acres only adds to the exceptional opportunities offered by Earl and his guides.

Elk permits for Colorado units 16, 17 and 171 are over the counter for archers and 2nd and 3rd season. All other hunts are by drawing and only 1 or 2 points is typically all that is needed to draw muzzleloader or rifle permit.

For the deer hunter all permits in these same units are by drawing only, but again only 1 or to points are required to draw that coveted permit for most of the available seasons The 4th season is tougher to draw, but worth the wait as the giant bucks living the the high country are forced onto the lower ranches by the snow.

The private ranches they have leased are right in the middle of one of the strongest elk migration routs in the state of Colorado. In fall and early winter the herd, which is estimated at over 10,000 strong, migrate down from the surrounding local mountain ranges and as far away as the Rocky Mountain National Park and move directly through their ranches towards The Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge located less than 10 miles to the north of where their hunting occurs. Colorado License #3015

Species and areas hunted

Elk 16, 17, 171
Deer 16, 17, 171
Pronghorn 16, 17, 171
Moose 16, 17, 171

Check out their website at Ivory and Antler Outfitters or contact HuntersTrailhead for more details.

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