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Hunters Trailhead

Additional hunts with this outfitter:
* Deer

HuntersTrailhead Featured Pronghorn Hunt



* Though tags for this hunt must be drawn and can take a couple points. However, the quality of the bucks available make it worth the effort. Some bucks exceeding 80" are taken.

* Hunts take place on a private ranch consisting of 150,000 acres of private land. With a maximum of 8 hunters per week (deer hunters included), you will not feel crowded or pressured to take the first good buck you see. It is common to see over 50 to 100 pronghorn per day with 15-20 of those being bucks.

* Meals and lodging are included with these hunts. Accommodations will be in the comfortable ranch house located right on the ranch and with in easy access to the hunting areas. The ranch house is equipped with electricity, hot water, showers, and comfortable beds.

* When your buck is on the ground, it will be transported back to the ranch were it will be skinned and prepared for processing. There is a meat locker a short distance away that can usually have your meat ready to go by the conclusion of your hunt.

* Deer hunts can be done in combination with a pronghorn. Deer tags are typically much easier to draw than the pronghorn.

Archery, Rifle and Muzzleloader Hunts

Hunt ratio 2x1
Duration 3 or 4-days
Rates: $2,500 - Archery (4-day)
$2,000 - Rifle (3-day)
Combo with Deer
Archery - $4,750 (6-day)
Rifle - $5,150 (5-day)
Quality 13-16" (some score in excess of 180)
Dates September to November

Contact HuntersTrailhead at 801-979-8843. We can help you with the tag application process