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Wolf Hunting in Alberta
Wolf Hunting in Alberta
Wolf Hunting in Alberta
Wolf Hunting in Alberta
Wolf Hunting in Alberta
Wolf Hunting in Alberta
Wolf Hunting in Alberta
Wolf Hunting in Alberta

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Hunt Description

When the fall and early winter hunting season are wrapping up and closing down, wolf hunting in Alberta is just getting started. The months of January and February are prime times to be in the woods hunting for the elusive predators that don't stop hunting because the calendar says the season is over. Wolves continue to hunt the deer, moose and elk long after human predators have put away the rifles for the season.

Like many bear hunts, this wolf hunt is over bait. And with the outside temperatures sometimes being brutally cold this time of year, heated blinds are used so that hunters can remain comfortably on stand for the time need to be successful.

Hunters stay at the outfitters home where home cooked meals and comfortable beds await at the end of each day. Depending on the temperature and the amount of snow, transportation to the blinds are via pickup truck or ATV's. These blinds are setup throughout the area providing a large selection of sites and the ability to move to the areas with the highest concentration of wolf activity. There is not limit to the number of wolves that can be taken.

Weapon Rifle

Date Duration 7-Days
January and February

Animal Quality 120 to 150 lbs

Permit License Pricing $28

Permit Method Over the counter purchase

Price $4,000

Included Meals, Lodging, Airport pickup

Not Included Transportation to/from Edmonton, hunting licenses/tags, meat processing, taxidermy

Closest Airport Edmonton

Phone 801-979-8843

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