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Alaska Range and Wrangell's Mountains Dall Sheep

AK105SMore Hunts from this outfitter

Hunt Description This outfitter has exclusive guide rights inside the Denali National Preserve and the Wrangell's St. Elias National Preserve. These areas are lightly hunted and have some of the best trophy hunting around.
For years, Hunters have enjoyed a near 100% success rate (100% opportunity) with this outfitter. They do not pack in the hunters just because they can. They take a very limited number of hunters each year. Their goal is to provide a top quality experience with a high success rate on quality rams.
In 2020, this operation was expanded to include an exclusive guide area within the Wrangell-St Elias National Preserve This area has been only lightly hunted for many years. Some exceptional rams are expected to be taken from this are in the coming years.
Sheep permits for this hunt can be purchased over the counter and this outfitter typically books up early. In maintaining their quality and experience objectives hunters are turned away every year.
The outfitter is a retired airline captain and also flies his own bush planes. A piper super cub will be in camp for relocations as needed, emergency needs or early departure (when possible).

Weapon Rifle

Date Duration 8-10 days

Animal Quality Mid to upper 30's

Permit License Pricing Hunting License $185 / Sheep Tag $850

Permit Method OTC

Price $36,050 (includes $2,000 air charter)

Included 1x1 guide, meals, lodging, trophy prep/skinning,

Not Included Transportation to/from Anchorage, licensing, gratuities

Closest Airport Anchorage, Alaska

Phone 801-979-8843 (Jon)

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