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Arizona OTC Archery Coues Deer / Easy Draw Rifle
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Hunt Description

The Coues whitetail that roam the southwestern deserts of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas are an often over looked species. In many hunters minds, their small bodies and antlers don't really measure up to their larger whitetail cousins. Nor do they come close to the much larger Mule Deer. But what they lack in size, they make up for in challenge and excitement. Spotting these deer in the vast arid deserts of the southwest is unlike any other hunting adventure you could take on. Their small bodies and elusive nature makes them a formidable objective that will test your patience and skills.

This hunt takes place in the units east of Tucson Arizona. The outfitter and his guides live in these units had have hunted them their entire lives. Years of experience has taught them where to look for these little "desert ghosts" and how best to approach them. These guys are experts in getting their clients to an ethical shooting distance - whether that be a rifle or with archery equipment.

Permits to hunt the archery seasons can be purchased over the counter whenever you are ready to go. For those wanting to take a buck in velvet, these seasons begin in the heat of August and September when the deer will be frequenting water sources. They then reopen in early December and run through January. This is a much more pleasant time to be in the field and the bucks may be chasing the does.

The rifle seasons take place in October and November and do require that the tag be drawn, but many of these seasons can be drawn easily with only a couple points.

This hunt is all inclusive including your meals and lodging. You will be well fed and rested for each day in the field.

Weapon Archery, Rifle

Date Duration August - January
4 and 5 days

Animal Quality 80 to 105 inches are typical

Permit License Pricing Hunting License - $160
OTC (Archery) - $300
Draw (Rifle) - $315

Permit Method OTC /Drawing

Price 4-day - $4,250
5-day - $5,250

Included Meals, lodging, 1x1 guide, field transportation, game care

Not Included Flights to Arizona, licensing, taxes, gratuities

Closest Airport Tucson, Arizona

Phone 801-979-8843 (Jon)

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