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New Mexico Trophy Oryx Hunts

HuntersTrailhead Featured Oryx Hunt


* Hunt the African Gemsbok without having to fly to Africa. New Mexico has a healthy population of Gemsbok (Oryx) that roam the White Sand Missile Range (WSMR) and the surrounding "Off-Range" lands. This outfitter has access to the military base as well as many off-range ranches that border of the base.

* Tags for this hunt must be drawn and can be tough for the on-range hunts. The probability of drawing a tag in the guided pool are typically higher than in the unguided pool. Drawing a tag for some of the "Off-Range" hunts can be near 100%.

* Many of the off-range youth hunts have been 100% draw. Anyone under the age of 19 can draw one of these tags and have an excellent chance of taking an animal that would otherwise require a trip to Africa. This outfitter has been 100% success with his youth hunters.

* More of the oryx live on range than live off range. However, that is where the knowledge and experience of this outfitter is invaluable. Access to the ranches that hold water coupled with years of experience hunting oryx off the WSMR has helped him build a near 100% success rate for on range and off range hunts.

* When applying hunters choose from on-range and off-range hunts (you get 3 choices). 3-day On-Range hunts are in September through February. Off range hunts run for an entire month June through March each year. You just choose which month you want to hunt when applying. There are also youth only hunts available on the off range seasons. These are almost always 100% draw.

* This outfitter offers two types of hunts to fit your needs. The fully outfitted hunt will include all meals and lodging where with the guide only option, hunters are responsible to provide their own meals and lodging.

Fall Hunts
Hunt ratio 1x1
Duration 3-days
Rates: $3,800 fully outfitted
$3,000 guide-only
Quality up to 40"
Dates On Range - September to February
Off Range - June to March

Contact HuntersTrailhead at 801-979-8843 for help in booking this hunt and for acquiring the appropriate licenses and tags.