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Wyoming offers an unparalleled hunting experience to those hunters able to draw a permit. Most non-resident (and many resident) permits are awarded through the annual big game drawing for Deer, Pronghorn, Elk, Moose, Bighorn Sheep, and Mountain Goat. For those lucky enough to draw, an experience that is second to none awaits.

Wyomings mountainous regions offer some very remote hunting opportunities. It is possible to be hunting 10 or even 20 miles from the nearest road. Some of these regions are designated as "wilderness" and a non-resident is required to hire a licensed guide or outfitter to hunt beyond those boundaries. Even outside of these wilderness areas, the mountain ranges can be miles deep with few if any roads. Access into these areas is by foot or horseback only. Many of Wyomings outfitters and guides are ranchers by trade and spend all summer in these remote areas. Even if they are not ranchers, most have horses and spend their summers riding the network of trails that wind through the Wyoming wilderness. They know these areas well and know where to find the game once the seasons open. An outfitter that knows where the elk, deer, and moose hide once season begins can mean the difference between a filled tag or going home empty.

Wyoming also offers large tracts of private land to the hunter that can gain access to these areas. Many of these ranches are leased by outfitters that manage them to produce the best trophy potential possible. The success of these management practices are obvious, as throughout each hunting season trophy elk, mule deer, whitetail deer, and pronghorn are taken. Even bighorn sheep are available on some of these ranches. Another benefit to hunting with an outfitter on private land is that the odds of drawing a permit can be greatly increased; even to the point of a guaranteed tag.

Hale Outfitting 208-359-0685 Details
Chamley Outfitting 307-455-3755 Details
Spotted Horse Ranch 307-733-2097 Details
Trophy Mountain Outfitters 307-859-8441 Details
Beaver Trap Outfitters 307-461-0655 Details
A+ Outfitters 307-733-9434
Absaoka Ranch 307-455-2275
A Double J Outfitters, Inc 307-684-7552
AJ Outfitters 307-473-1196
Allen's Diamond Four Ranch 307-332-2995
Antelope Outfitters 307-660-8579
Bald Mountain Outfitters Inc 307-367-6539
Bare Tracks Trophies,LLC 307-896-3914
Barlow Outfitting 307-833-7669
Bear Basin Outfitters 307-883-3186
Bighorn Mountain Adventures 307-765-2420
Bighorn Mountain Outfitters 307-674-4691
Boulder Basin Outfitters 307-587-3404
Boulder Lake Lodge 307-537-5400
Bridger Wilderness Outfitters 888-803-7316
Bugle Basin Outfitters 801-362-1878
Butte Creek Outfitters 307-587-6016
C4 Outfitters & Camp Creek Outfitters 307-413-6446
CK Outfitters 304-276-3723
Clark Outfitters 307-886-5758
Cole Creek Outfitters 307-266-1599
Coy's Yellow Creek Outfitters 307-587-6944
Cross C Ranch 405-308-5640
Crystal Creek Outfitters 307-733-6318
Deadman Creek Outfitters 307-654-7528
Diamond-J Outfitters 307-789-0871
Diamond Trail Outfitters 307-765-2905
Diamond Creek Ranch 307-322-2345
Double Diamond Outfitters 307-885-Hunt(4868)
Double N Outfitters 307-885-9285
Elk Mountain Outfitters, LLC 307-322-3220
Five Star Expeditions 308-225-8202
Flying B Outfitters 307-234-3417
Flying H Ranch & Outfitters 307-587-2089
Gilroy Outfitting 307-733-4314
Grand Slam Outfitters 307-326-5035
Great Plains Outfitters, LLC 307-890-6121
Grey's River Trophies 307-859-8896
Grizzly Outfitters 307-736-2277
Gros Ventre Wilderness Outfitters, Inc 307-733-4851
Heart Six Guest Ranch 307-543-2477
Hidden Basin Outfitters 307-733-7980
Hidden Creek Outfitters 307-527-5470
Hoback Peak Outfitters, LLC 307-654-5768
Horse Creek Outfitters, LLC 307-733-6556
Horse Track Outfitters 406-223-0677
Hot Springs Outfitters, LLC 866-WYO-HUNT
Hunton Creek Outfitters 307-331-8510
Ishawooa Outfitters 888-801-9250
Jackson Hole Outfitters 307-654-7008
Jenkins Hunting Camp 307-883-2649
John Henry Lee Outfitters, Inc 800-352-2576
Lazy TX Outfitting 307-455-2688
Lee Livingston Outfitting 307-527-7415
Linn Bros. Outfitting, Inc 307-733-5414
Little Bighorn Outfitters 307-684-5179
Lost Creek Outfitters 307-527-6251
Majo Ranch, Inc 307-587-2051
Mankin Wildlife 307-682-3007
Mooncrest Outfitters, Inc 307-587-3620
Morning Creek Outfitting 307-587-5343
Mule Shoe Outfitters 888-803-7316
Open Creek Outfitters, LLC 307-587-5609
Outdoor Expeditions 970-568-9667
P Cross Bar Ranch 307-682-3664
Paint Rock Adventures 307-469-2274
Paradise Guest Ranch 307-684-7876
Pathfinders Hunting & Fishing, Inc 800-835-9262
Pennoyer Outfitting 307-867-2407
Platt's Guides & Outfitters 307-327-5539
Powder Horn Outfitters 307-655-9472
Rawhide Creek Ranches 805-498-1518
Rafter B Outfitters 307-684-2793
R&K Hunting Co. 435-655-5484
Red Desert Outfitters 307-362-8056
Rough Country Outfitters 307-436-2304
Sage Creek Outfitters, LLC 307-436-5565
Savery Creek Outfitters 307-383-7117
Seven J Outfitters 307-283-3443
Sheep Mesa Outfitters 307-587-4305
Sheep Mountain Outfitters 307-654-7564
Shoal Creek Outfitters 307-733-1310
Smokey Canyon Outfitters 307-690-6322
Coy's Yellow Creek Outfitters 307-587-6944
S-N-S Outfitter & Guide Service 307-266-4229
Solitude Ranch & Outfitters 307-467-5383
Spearhead Ranch 307-358-2694
Spur Outfitters, LLC 307-327-6505
Steve Sheaffer Outfitters, LLC 307-378-2400
Swift Creek Outfitters 307-367-3291
Switchback Outfitters, LLC 406-446-1311
T-Cross Ranch, LLC 307-455-2206
T Lazy T Outfitters 307-733-4481
Table Mountain Outfitters 307-632-6352
Teton Country Outfitters 435-783-5817
The Hideout at Flitner Ranch 800-354-8637
The Last Resort 307-859-8294
Thomson Outfitters 307-367-6507
Timberline Outfitters 307-635-7288
Trefren Outfitters 307-883-3400
Triangle C Ranch 800-661-4928
Triangle X Ranch 307-733-2183
Triple Peak Outfitters 307-276-3408
Triple Three Outfitters 307-684-2832
Trophies Plus Outfitters 605-892-4894
Trophy Ridge Outfitters 307-756-9776
Trophy Room Outfitters 307-326-9613
Turkey Track Outfitters 307-331-2647
Turpin Meadow Ranch 307-543-2000
Two Ocean Pass Outfitting 307-864-4664
Wagonhound Outfitters, LLC 307-358-9828
Wapiti Ridge Ranch, Outfitters & Trophy Hunts 307-587-8238
Western Gateway Outfitters, LLC 605-639-1589
Western Wyoming Outfitters 307-734-1130
Wind River Mountain Outfitters 307-455-2464
Wolf Lake Outfitters 307-367-6507
Wycon Safari, Inc 307-327-5502
Wyoming Country Outfitters 307-714-4540
Wyoming Professional Hunters, Inc 307-436-8655
Wyoming Trophy Hunters, Inc 307-265-8096
Yellowstone Outfitters-Hunting & Fishing Camps 307-886-9582