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South Africa Big Game Safari

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* The owner and founder of this safari operation began hunting Africa's game animals from a very young age. At the age of 9 he took his first Impala and warthog. At the age of 15 he began practicing with archery equipment and took his first game animal with that equipment later that same year. At 21 he received his National Diploma in Game Ranch Management and completed his Professional Hunter requirements. He has been hunting and guiding all over Africa since. In 2013, after spending years learning from other well known and experienced Professional Hunters, he broke away and began his own safari operation. He has been going strong ever since.

* This is a very personal safari experience. No other groups will be scheduled for the same time period. On your hunt, you will have the complete attention and effort from the PH and his staff. Everyone is guided by the owner and founder of this safari operation. Safari packages are typically scheduled for June to November and include airport pickup, all living accommodations, meals, laundry, field prep of animals and your professional hunter and other staff. Packages are built around specific animals and others can be added on a trophy fee basis.

* Safari's take place in the beautiful Limpopo Province of northern South Africa. Here you will have exclusive access to 10's of thousands of acres as you experience wild and rugged Africa and the game animals so many seek each season. Due to the PH and others on his staff being avid archers, archery hunters are eagerly welcomed into this camp. And since he will be personally guiding you, you can have confidence in his knowledge and skills as a bow hunter to have you where you need to be when the opportunity is presented.

* There are also safari options for the non-hunters in your party. Many groups will spend a few days in Kruger National Park on a photographic safari. For those not interested in the hunting, there are many different things that can be scheduled. Your African safari can be a family adventure.

* HuntersTrailhead is completely prepared to assist you in developing a safari package that fits your budget and goals. Give us a call and we can help make your African dreams a reality.

Contact Jon at 801-979-8843