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Few states can offer the potential of taking a true trophy no matter which species is being hunted. However, due to the limited number of permits state wide, Nevada can do just that; especially when it comes to mule deer and elk. Every year, Nevada hunters are producing bucks over and above 190" and bulls beyond 380". Hunting pronghorn, bighorn sheep and mountain goat in Nevada also carries the potential of taking a true trophy. Nevada is known as a desert state, but there are some huge mountains with habitat you wouldn't expect to find in a desert. All of these mountain ranges can produce some real trophy animals. And if you are lucky enough to draw a permit in Nevada, don't over look the lower valleys between these mountains. Here you will find large tracts of sage brush that will hold game as well.

To acquire a permit to hunt in Nevada, everyone is required to apply in the annual drawing. However, due to the trophy potential, drawing a permit can have very long odds. But for those non-resident deer hunters willing to hire an outfitter or guide, Nevada offers a drawing separate from the main drawing. And the odds in this outfitter drawing are typically much better. All that is required is that you contract with an outfitter and have them submit your application. There is not a separate outfitter drawing for elk, pronghorn, bighorn sheep, or mountain goat. However, there are a great number of outfitters and guides that provide hunts for these species. Just a look at some of their websites is evidence enough of the trophy potential that exists in Nevada.

Timberline Outfitters & Guide Service 775-289-3876 Details
Leeder Hunting 435-691-1116 Details
Triple H Hunting 435-623-2744 Details
Western Wildlife Adventures 866-748-1277 Details
Nevada Hunting Services 775-425-4450
McClendon Guide Service 928-300-3761
High Desert Outfitters 775-756-6581
Deep Creek Outfitters 435-256-7882
Wildlife West Taxidermy and Guide Service 775-867-3388
Humboldt Outfitters Inc. 775-752-3714
Nevada High Ridge Outfitters 775-538-7047
Great Basin Outfitters 775-738-6077
Boulder Creek Outfitters Inc. 208-486-6232
Tent Mountain Ranch 775-752-2120
Elko Run Ranch Guide Service 775-629-0500
Nevada Trophy Hunts 775-557-2238
Duncan Outfitters 208-476-4430
Bighorn Outfitting 775-267-3807
Filippini Guide Service 775-468-0110
Lost Springs Outfitters 775-235-7585
George Flournoy Outfitting 530-824-2850
Hide-N-Seek Outfitters 702-564-5002
Secret Pass Outfitters 208-628-2722
Elko Guide Service 775-744-2277
Halls Outfitting & Guide Service 775-752-3778
Western Frontier Adventures 775-591-0345
Toulon Hunting Club 775-722-4615
Black Rock Outfitters 775-623-5926
Mason Valley Guide Service 775-463-9313
Hook-N-Horn Guide Service 775-744-2711
Cottonwood Ranch Hunting Service 208-852-1111
G & J Outdoor Enterprises 530-885-1492
Mountain Man Outfitters 775-625-1717
Hidden Lake Outfitters 775-779-2268
White River Guide Service, LLC 775-761-2563
Deep Creek Outfitters, LLC 702-346-5653
Grand Slam Safaris 775-465-2598
7 L Outfitters 775-962-1998
White Rock Outfitters 775-962-5667
Nevada Hunting Adventures 775-849-0393
Currant Creek Outfitters 775-738-6206
Bull Ridge Guide Service 775-289-4208
Triple M Outfitters 775-962-5409
Racks and Tracks Outfitters 775-377-2057
Pine Forest Guide Service 775-941-0401
On Point Guide Service of Nevada 702-565-1109
Snake Mountain Guide Service 775-738-7736
Pintar Outfitters & Guide Service 775-235-7875
Prunty Ranch Outfitters 775-738-7811
Jarbidge Wilderness Guide and Packing 208-857-2270
Nevada Guide Service & World Safaris 775-250-3380
Rangers Guide Service 775-744-4566
Cherry Valley Guide Service 775-463-4924
Wire Corral Outfitters 775-635-2629
Mosquito Valley Outfitters 530-640-2240
Nevada High Country Outfitters 208-628-2722
Nevada Custom Hunts, LLC 775-265-4078
The Head Master Inc. 775-323-9090
Bucks, Ducks, Bulls and Beards 775-463-1455
Black Mountain Outfitters 775-635-5609
Mustang Outfitters 775-964-2145
Sage-N-Pine Guide & Outfitters 775-423-6171
Testolin Guide Service 775-744-4254
Phil Trousdale Hunting 775-962-5859
Ultimate Guide Service 775-463-1012
Nevada Outfitters 775-335-5234
Todd Wright's Guide Service 775-962-5361
Ruby Mountain Outfitters 775-744-4359
Virgil's Bighorn Hunts 775-626-3790