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If your interest is Giant Mule Deer, Colorado is difficult to beat. Sure every state has its premium areas that produce some great bucks, but monster bucks are coming from all across the state of Colorado. And mule deer are not the only thing that Colorado has to offer. Elk hunting can be had by most anyone that wants to go. And there are some areas that produce some real monsters. Great numbers of Pronghorn, Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Goat, and Moose are also roaming the wilds of this state. Even Black Bear permits can be had over the counter.

Colorado is home to some of the most rugged and beautiful mountain country anywhere and a lot of this country is true wilderness which means no roads. To help make hunting these areas easier, there are a great number of outfitters and guides that operate there. There are also outfitters and guides with access to vast tracts of private land. Many of these outfitters can offer "Landowner Vouchers" which means a guaranteed tag when you want one. Regardless of which species you want to hunt, or what type of hunting experience you are dreaming about, Colorado has an outfitter to help make those dreams come true.

Rio Grande Outfitting Service 970-264-9576 Details
Chris Jurney Outfitting 970-824-5505 Details
Kiowa Creek Outfitters, LLC 303-648-3273 Details
Ivory and Antler Outfitters 720-218-4677 Details
Action Adventures Guide-Outfitter, LLC 800-383-1888 Details
Frazier Outfitting 719-588-3386 Details
Beaver Creek Outfitters Inc. 218-368-3679 Details
Fish Creek Outfitters 970-264-0982 Details
Ponderosa Outfitters 970-454-3770 Details
West Elk Wilderness Outfitters 970-275-2089 Details
Gunnison Country Guide Service 970-549-6733 Details
Shelton Ranch 970-272-3553 Details
Raftopoulos Ranches 970-824-9501 Details
Horn Fork Guides 719-239-0530 Details
Coyote Creek Outfitters, LLC 970-723-8666
Coulter Lake Guest Ranch 970-625-1473
Last Chance Ranch, LLC 970-736-2406
Atkinson Expeditions 970-568-9667
Behrman Outfitting 970-272-3284
Bull Basin Guides & Outfitters LLC 970-724-0417
Rocky Mountain Ranches 303-655-0451
BearsEars Outfitters 970-261-1741
Horsefly Lake Lodge Outfitters 970-240-8448
Hornfork Guides 719-395-3665
Astraddle A Saddle Inc. 970-731-5076
2V Outfitters, Ltd 970-245-4636
BS Outfitters 970-824-6768
Superior Guide Service, LLC 970-824-4767
Bryce Outfiting 970-874-4134
Saddletramp Outfitters 970-876-2960
Bar Diamond Ranch/Ferrier Outfitters 970-527-3010
Highlands Unlimited 970-247-8443
Western Slope Outfitters 877-417-6788
Cadwell Outfitters 970-641-0773
Camiletti & Sons Inc. 970-879-5260
Circle K Ranch Inc. 970-562-3808
Peak to Creek Outfitters Inc. 970-884-0199
Cassidy Outfitters 970-858-7393
Wild Peak Ranches 719-924-0502
Majestic Mountain Lakeview Outfitters 970-944-2263
Homestead Hunts 866-389-8637
LaGarita Outfitters 719-530-0129
Saw Buck Outfitters 970-921-3557
Lone Cone Outfitters, Inc 970-729-0749
Colorado Trophies 303-278-4678
Commander & Co Ltd 970-929-6202
D & G Horses and Outfitting 970-824-6768
Lost Canyon Outfitters 970-533-9062
The High Lonesome Ranch 970-283-9420
Meadows Vega/Brush Mountain Outfitters 970-487-3750
Troy Cunningham Outfitter 303-697-5003
C-Punch Ranch 970-824-8030
Camp David Outfitting 970-252-1582
Chuck Davies Guide Service 970-858-0370
Diamond-D-Bar Ranch & Outfitting 719-657-2293
Eagles Nest Outfitting 970-826-4383
RC Guest Ranch 719-658-2317
Hilltop High Guide Service 303-841-3592
Fulldraw Outfitters 719-846-2545
Rim Rock Outfitters 800-465-7501
Flowers Colorado Outfitters, Inc 970-249-4106
Loco Mountain Outfitters, LLC 719-371-1447
Lost Valley Ranch 303-647-2311
J & Ray Colorado High Country Inc. 970-323-0155
Garvey Brothers Outfitters 970-864-2243
Jay Bar Tee Ute Outfitters, LLC 970-878-3448
High Sierra Expeditions, LLC 970-249-6334
Pinnacle Peak Adventures, LLC 970-824-9269
Lazy F Bar Outfitters 970-641-3313
H & H, LLC 970-878-5126
Big Rack Outfitters 970-826-4468
Hansen Cattle Ranch/Tabequache 970-921-4444
JML Outfitters 970-878-4749
Del's Triangle 3 Ranch 970-879-3495
Adams Lodge 970-878-4312
Hills Guide Service 970-487-3731
Smith Fork Ranch & Outfitters 970-921-3454
Dick Pennington Guide Service 888-336-3738
J Bar H Outfitters 970-878-0663
Capital Peak Outfitters 970-928-0723
Little Cone Outfitter 970-327-4620
Lone Star Outfitters 512-273-2520
Lone Tom Outfitting 970-878-5122
Jeffcoat Ranch & Outfitters 970-824-3757
Gypsum Creek Outfitters LTD 970-524-7738
Wilderness Tracks 970-824-7874
Silver Creek Outfitter Inc. 970-846-5877
Adventure Experiences Inc. 970-641-4708
R & R Ranch of Colorado Inc. 352-538-7094
Double LK Inc. 970884-2482
Lamicq Guides & Outfitters Inc. 970-243-1082
Wilderness Adventures Inc. 719-587-3057
Archery Unlimited Outfitters, LLC 970-259-3813
Battlement Mesa Outfitters 970-487-9918
Comanche Wilderness Outfitters Inc. 970-223-5330
Three Forks Ranch 970-583-2258
Luark Ranch & Outfitters 970-653-4324
Colorado Hunting Expeditions 970-882-5400
Mineral Mountain Guide & Outfitters 970-641-2673
Matschee Guide Service, LLC 303-864-0547
Outwest Guides, LLC 970-963-5525
Carr Creek Ranch 970-261-5009
Story Creek Outfitters 719-738-3704
M & M Outfitters 970-824-5812
Chinook Winds Outfitters, LLC 970-968-2232
Escalante Ranch 303-426-0360
Gore Range Outfitters Inc. 970-668-4485
Meyers Hunting Services Inc. 970-824-9317
Great Divide Outfitters Inc. 970-884-2372
Arapaho Wilderness Outfitters 970-712-1118
Timberline Outfitters Inc. 307-635-7288
Sheep Creek Ranch Outfitters, LLC 970-878-4757
Double O Outfitters 320-260-6842
Colorado Big Game Outfitters 970-824-6434
Triple O Outfitters 970-824-6758
James Creek Outfitters 970-824-6939
Cross Mountain Adventures 970-824-2803
Over The Hill Outfitters 970-247-1694
Nine Mile Guest Ranch 970-878-4656
Dave Parri's Outfitting and Guide Service 970-725-3531
Hermosa Creek Outfitters, LLC 970-533-7380
Bear Cat Outfitters 970-824-7958
Cowboy Camp Outfitters 303-384-9724
Prewitt Outfitters 719-657-0518
Waunita Hot Springs Ranch, LLC 970-641-1266
Five Springs Ranch Guide & Outfitters 970-879-0868
Colorado Hunter Services 803-892-4103
Lobo Outfitters, LLC 970-264-5546
Estes Park Outfitters Inc. 970-215-7064
S & K Outfitting & Guide Service 970-434-7939
San Pahgre Guides & Outfitters 970-252-9306
Wilderness Trails Ranch 800-527-2624
Fawn Gulch Outfitters, LLC 970-264-5266
Badger Creek Outfitters 970-824-7436
Samuelson Outfitters 970-726-8221
Coffeepot High Country Outfitters Inc. 970-240-4075
Eagle Spirit Outfitters 888-416-8102
Geneva Park Outfitters 303-918-3288
Red Feather Guides & Outfitters Inc. 970-524-5054
Sangre DeCristo Outfitters Inc. 719-783-2265
Sable Mountain Outfitters 970-878-4765
Seely Hunting, Double E Outfitters 970-824-5539
Golden Derrick Ranch 970-878-5534
Mega Mountain Magic 719-486-4570
Cherokee T & P Outfitters 719-754-0581
Top Gun Outfitters 814-473-3802
High Meadows Ranch, LLC 970-736-8416
Tenderfoot Outfitters 800-641-0504
Yampa Valley Outfitters 970-824-2102
Louisiana Purchase Ranch 970-272-3006
4 + 2 T Ranch 970-276-4283
Elk Basin Outfitters 970-835-4443
Buford Guide Service Inc. 970-878-4596
Turner's Guide Service 303-567-4035
San Juan Outfitting, LLC 970-259-6259
High Country Connections Inc. 435-587-5000
Sombrero Ranchs Inc. 303-442-0258
Cat Track Outfitters 970-487-3240
Welder Outfitting Services, LLC 970-878-4559
The Craig Wild Bunch Inc. 970-629-5598
Soap Mesa Venture, LLC 907-488-2036
Knight Canyon Outfitters 970-327-4614
Buffalo Creek Outfitters, LLC 970-723-4045
Big Country Outfitters, LLC 719-480-4289
High Desert Ranch & Outfitting 970-629-1760