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Hunters Trailhead


For the hunter looking for a true wilderness experience, Idaho is one state that can provide it. The Selway-Bitterroot is a huge tract of un-roaded wilderness as is the Frank Church. The Snake River in Hells Canyon offers some remote and demanding hunting opportunities as well. To be able to hunt these areas effectively, hiring an outfitter/guide should be a serious consideration. Horses are a must if you want to maximize your opportunities in these areas. Some of Idaho's Outfitters even operate small aircraft into the many extremely remote air strips. But for those looking for a little easier option, Idaho also offers large expanses of National Forest and BLM lands as well. An outfitters knowledge and experience can be invaluable in these areas. Knowing where the game goes when the pressure is on can mean the difference between putting an animal on the ground or going home with an unfilled tag.

Idaho's hunting opportunities should not be overlooked. Elk, Deer, Pronghorn, and Black Bear permits can be had over the counter. And trophy class Moose, Bighorn Sheep, and Mountain Goat are also available to those lucky enough to draw a tag. With so much wilderness and "untamed" wild lands, Idaho offers a great number of experienced outfitters and guides. Many will use horses to access the remote inaccessible wilderness areas, while others operate by 4x4 in the more accessible areas and on private lands. There are also the jet-boats and aircraft in those select areas where this mode of transportation is appropriate.

Wild Idaho Outfitters Inc. 801-598-4881 Details
Ace Outfitters Inc. 208-628-2722
Fall Creek Outfitters 208-939-8179
Sawtooth Wilderness Outfitters 208-462-3416
B Bar C Outfitters Inc. 208-245-2458
Bar H Bar Ranch Inc. 208-547-3082
Barker Trophy Hunts 208-836-5551
Valley Ranch Outfitters 208-774-3470
Elk Springs Outfitters 208-469-9999
Bear Creek Outfitters, LLC 406-375-1371
Clark Fork Outfitters 252-633-4759
Big Creek Lodge and Outfitters Inc. 989-382-7398
Bigfoot Outfitters, LLC 208-476-9384
Bighorn Outfitters Inc. 208-756-6963
Birch Creek Outfitters Inc. 406-846-9552
Bitterroot Outfitters, LLC 406-363-0403
Salmon Mountain Outfitters 406-821-0017
Boulder Creek Outfitters Inc. 208-486-6232
Meadow Creek Outfitters - Yahoo Corrals 208-628-2722
Wind River Outfitters 800-854-6697
Elk Creek Outfitters 208-365-3895
Bungalow Outfitters, LLC 208-476-3982
Butte Lodge, LLC 208-365-6343
Cayuse Outfitting, LLC 208-935-0859
Hole in the Wall Lodge 406-239-2882
Continental Divide Outfitters, LLC 208-865-2665
Lake-N-Leather Outfitters 208-476-5971
Rawhide Outfitters 208-756-4276
Dark Timber, LLC 208-787-0332
Gospel Mountains Outfitters 208-628-3553
Deadwood Outfitters 541-523-6181
Ace Outfitters Inc 208-628-2722
Bear Paw Outfitters 509-684-6294
Diamond D Ranch Inc. 208-336-9772
Duncan Outfitters 208-476-4430
Smokey Mountain Outfitters of Sun Valley 208-788-3001
Eagle Ridge Adventures 208-528-6635
Elk City Adventures, LLC 208-842-2992
Flying B Ranch Inc. 208-935-0755
Flying Resort Ranches Inc. 208-756-6295
Flying Spear Outfitters and Adventures, LLC 208-857-2320
Buckshot Outfitting 208-290-2144
Weitas Creek Outfitters 208-983-9267
South Fork Outfitters 208-983-1957
Clearwater Outfitters 208-476-5370
Little Wood River Outfitters 208-823-4414
Dave Hettinger Outfitting 208-756-1071
High Country Outfitters 208-764-3104
Wayne Hill Outfitting 406-847-5563
Tee Pee Creek Outfitters 208-456-2379
Hincks Palisades Creek Ranch 208-483-3201
Horse Creek Outfitters 208-879-5400
Whiskey Mountain Outfitters 208-880-2335
Quarter Circle A Outfitters 208-894-2451
Selway Wilderness Outfitters 208-865-2215
Heavens Gate Outfitters 208-628-3062
American Adrenaline Company 208-879-4700
Big Lost River Outfitters & Mt Borah Expeditions 208-339-5278
War Eagle Outfitter and Guides 208-645-2455
Jagged Edge Outfitters Inc. 814-623-8787
Juniper Mountain Outfitters 208-454-1322
Keating Outfitters Inc. 208-865-2252
Killgore Adventures, LLC 208-839-2255
Selkirk Guiding and Outfitting 509-893-3414
Kohls Outfitting 208-926-4338
Korell Outfitters 208-365-5393
Willey Ranch Outfitters 541-372-0136
Pony Creek Outfitters 208-628-3188
Lazy J Outfitters Inc. 208-926-4922
Dry Ridge Outfitters 208-354-2284
Little Lost Outfitters 208-767-3356
Lockey U Outfitters Inc. 208-983-1802
Lost Lakes Outfitters 208-486-6232
Snake River Adventures 208-746-6276
MacKay Bar Ranch, LLC 888-207-1132
4X4 Outfitters Inc. 208-876-4487
Coeur D'Alene Outfitters 208-683-2167
Castle Creek Outfitters 208-756-2548
Middle Fork Lodge 212-972-1095
Middle Fork Outfitters, LLC 509-671-7127
Middle Fork Ranch Inc. 254-378-8739
Mile High Outfitters of Idaho Inc. 208-879-4500
Bill Mitchell Outfitters Inc. 406-363-4129
Idaho Whitetail Guides 208-826-3405
Shattuck Creek Outfitters 208-826-3373
Poker Peak Outfitters 801-815-4750
Mountain Ridge Outfitters 507-359-7498
Mystic Saddle Ranch, LLC 208-774-3591
North Idaho Mountain Outfitting, LLC 208-443-2703
Lochsa River Outfitters 208-926-4149
Five Bears Outfitters 406-273-2677
Lemhi Valley Outfitters 215-234-0174
Pineland Outfitters of Idaho, LLC 706-663-7767
Pioneer Mountain Outfitters, LLC 208-324-7171
Mike Popps Nature Adventures 208-935-2296
Ready Outfitters 406-755-6280
Red Horse Mountain Lodge 208-689-9680
Richie Outfitters 208-756-3231
Swan Valley Outfitters 208-483-2973
Ridge & Cash Taylor Safaris, LLC 208-522-2716
Ridgerunner Outfitters, LLC 801-633-3264
Rivers West Inc. 208-926-4988
Adventure West Outfitters 208-839-2340
Robson Outfitters 208-456-2861
Rugg's Outfitting, LLC 406-822-4240
Russell Pond Outfitters Inc. 208-245-2458
Saddle Springs Trophy Outfitters Inc. 208-756-1881
Salmon River Lodge Inc. 800-635-4717
Selway Inn Inc. 208-257-4234
7 Devils Lodge & Ranch 208-258-4351
Sheep Creek Line Camps, LLC 435-757-7234
Shepp Ranch Outfitters, LLC 208-629-3453
Silver Spur Outfitters, LLC 208-842-2417
Ken Smith's Hunting 208-476-7148
Idaho Whitetail Adventures 208-476-7074
3 Heart Outfitters 208-267-5858
Sulpher Creek Ranch, LLC 425-460-2500
Coeur d'Alene River Big Game 208-683-2154
Heart Mountain Outfitters 208-374-5370
Tom Loder's Panhandle Outfitters Inc. 888-300-4868
Trapper Creek Adventures, LLC 208-423-5781
Triple O Outfitters Inc. 208-464-2349
Trout Creek Outfitters 208-983-0948
Trout Creek Ranch, LLC 208-427-6614
Twin Peaks Ranch Inc. 208-894-2290
Wild Horse Creek Ranch, LLC 208-628-2722
Wilderness Outfitters, LLC 307-436-9072
Wildlife Adventures Inc. 406-642-3262
World Class Outfitting Adventures Inc. 406-726-3829
Yellow Wolf Ranch 208-983-9208
York Outfitters 208-983-3453
Elk Mountain Outfitters 406-293-1616