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Henry Mountains Outfitters is based out of Hanksville Utah and in the shadows of the famed Henry Mountains themselves. A lifetime spent riding and exploring these mountains famous for their giant mule deer and free range buffalo have uniquely prepared Chris and his guides to offer a hunting opportunity unlike any other outfitter hunting these mountains. When the pressure is on, the buffalo on the Henry Mountains know where to go to escape most hunters. These places are usually miles from the nearest road and in some of the roughest country this part of Utah has to offer. These are the places that Chris has discovered through years of exploring, hunting, horseback riding and hiking the place he calls home. His knowledge and experience on the Henry Mountains and surrounding canyons will sway the odds of a successful buffalo hunt into the hunters favor.

There are many stories of hunters spending their entire hunt driving from bottom to top of the Henry Mountains searching for the buffalo herds only to go home without seeing a single one. Most outfitters follow this same tactic and will drive the roads in trucks or on ATVís and glass from the various high points. Though this can be effective on an early season hunt, it becomes much less effective later in the season. Horse backing into the secluded canyons and hidden plateaus are their specialty. These places regularly hold herds of buffalo pushed from the more accessible parts of the mountain during the earlier hunts. And having horses available to pack out an animal that can be pushing a ton in weight is certainly a comforting thought.

Hunting the buffalo on the Henry Mountain is not the only adventure they offer. Trophy hunts for the famous mule deer that reside on this mountain are also offered. Often the deer will sneak into the same secluded locations as the buffalo. There may be more well-known outfitters hunting this part of Utah, but the knowledge and experience that Chris and Henry Mountains Outfitters has to offer is very difficult to beat.

Check out their website at Henry Mountains Outfitters or contact Hunters Trailhead for more details.

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